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William Jarosz

I was born January 7th 1981 in Middletown NY. After 14 months my parents moved us to Houston, Texas where I graduated from Klein Forset High School.

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Things I liked about High School:

Ideals I live by (U.S. Navy):

  1. Honor
  2. Courage
  3. Commitment

My Family:

I have a fiance and 2 beautiful little girls that are my whole life.
They have been my insiration and driving force that has given me the
strenth to continue my education at the University of Houston. Learn More about U of H:

Family Member Age Next Birthday
Teresa Jones 36 12/28
Reighan 12 06/09
Maileen 10 06/22

Current College Classes:

Major: Supply Chain and Logistics Technology
Minor: Purchasing
Minor: Leadership and Supervision
Favorite Course: Intro to Computer Application Technology

Learn More about Intro to Computer Application Technology:

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